One More Last Chance by Cathleen Armstrong

Sarah Cooley moves home to Last Chance, New Mexico, after college to teach at the local elementary school and be closer to her family.  She likes the small town because of its predictability and resistance to change.  After struggling with a relationship in which her boyfriend wanted to adjust everything about her, Sarah is ready for the lazy and almost boring pace of Last Chance.  But Chris Reed, the new owner of the diner in town, wants nothing more than to shake things up in Sarah’s small town.  He desires to put Last Chance as a destination spot on the map and thinks a transformation is just what is needed to draw people to his restaurant.  When his niece comes for an extended visit, however, he discovers that change may be where he least expects it.  As he finds himself spending more time with Sarah, he encourages her to realize that change must be just the thing needed for both of them.

One More Last Chance is a light read, the pages breezing by with stories of traditions and transformations.  The characters are mostly likable and simplistic; although Sarah seems judgmental, arrogant, and rude at first, she somewhat redeems herself with her love for her students and teaching.  Chris is gentle and patient in his care for his niece and becomes a good friend to Sarah.  The novel is short and would have been a better read if there had been more descriptions of the scenes to help the reader more fully envision all that Last Chance had to offer.  Many of the dialogues and events in the book feel rushed and hurried, which makes it a little hard to connect with the characters.  However, the overall themes and plot of the novel are enjoyable and it is recommended for those looking for a contemporary, easy read.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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