An Elegant Solution by Paul Robertson

This historical, suspenseful novel set in the early eighteenth century details the story of a young math prodigy caught in a complex conflict between some of the most prestigious mathematical minds of the millennium.  The University in Basel in Europe is a place of great intellect, deceit, secrets, mysteries, and cunning ploys and is run by intelligent and powerful men determined to change the course of history.  Paul Robertson does a remarkable job of researching the historical details, studying the complex mathematical problems, and investigating the rich setting to provide the reader with an excellent backdrop for a complicated story of murder, jealousy, power, and conflict.  His writing is poetic and full of metaphors and similes that keep the reader guessing the intent of each character and the course of the plot.  In addition, the mathematical and philosophical questions of this time period are complex and intriguing and speak to the talent of the author in crafting the intricate story.  This tale is full of mythological, literary, and Biblical references and requires the reader to pay attention to the smallest details in order to fully appreciate the story.  Its profound themes and mysterious plot create a novel that is admired and recommended.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.