Standoff by Patrician Bradley

Standoff book cover

Brooke Danvers is excited to follow in her father’s footsteps as a park law enforcement ranger, but after his sudden death, she finds herself caught in a dangerous mission to determine his killer.  She is suspicious when her old high school flame, Luke Fereday, unexpectedly shows up in town and begins to poke around the crime scene, offering suggestions and assistance.  But Luke has his own agenda, working as an undercover agent sent to infiltrate the drug route along the Natchez Trace National Parkway.  As Brooke and Luke continue to uncover pieces to the puzzle, someone out there is determined to stop them for good.

This is a great start to a new series!  I liked the action and the twists and turns as we followed Brooke and Luke trying to solve mysteries before it was too late.  It took me a few chapters to keep the characters straight, but this also allowed the story to contain some complexity, as there were several characters that fit the villain description, and kept me guessing well into the book.  I liked the background of the novel, and could easily picture the humid summer setting.  There is a bit of a love triangle, which made the romance not altogether predictable.  I did think that the ending felt a bit rushed as several loose ends tied up quickly, but it was a satisfying conclusion.  I think one of the secondary characters is going to be the main character in the next book and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell Publishing.  Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Justice Betrayed by Patricia Bradley

Justice Betrayed book cover

When Detective Rachel Sloan receives a strange visit from an Elvis Impersonator with a photo of her murdered mother and suspicions about her death, she decides to open the cold case—only to have her only witness murdered before she can even get a head start. Determined more than ever to get to the bottom of these events, she navigates Elvis week in Memphis, questioning anyone connected with the case.  She is tasked with working with her old flame Lieutenant Boone Callahan.  But Rachel is afraid that Boone will not let her get close to the case with her emotional ties and begins to withhold secrets from her coworkers, causing the enemy to be able to close in on Rachel herself.

If you like suspense novels, this book is for you!  I like the action in the novel but also appreciate how the author slows down the timeline to develop the characters and their relationships.  It allows me, as the reader, to better understand the actions and events of the story.  The author also gives the reader a peek into the mind of the villain, contributing a suspenseful plot.  Additionally, I liked that there was a special needs character in the book.  This novel has mystery, unpredictable events, and sprinkles of romance and spirituality.  A joy to read and recommended to lovers of contemporary fiction!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley


Andi Hollister’s sister was murdered eighteen years ago and the convicted killer’s execution is only days away when a sudden event causes Detective Will Kincaide of the Memphis Cold Case Unit to reopen the case. Andi wants nothing more than to close the door on her sister’s death, but she cannot ignore new evidence that may reveal the wrong individual was condemned. It becomes even more deadly, however, when the investigation begins to connect to other more recent murders and untangle a web of intrigue, danger, and suspense. Andi and Will must race against the clock to find the real murderer before it is too late.

This story has action and suspense from page one and was definitely an exciting read. I enjoyed the plotline and thought the twists and turns were unexpected and complex. I also appreciated how the author incorporated an interesting subplot and perspective on drug addiction. My one critique is that the storyline focused on the action at the expense of character and romantic development. I thought the romance was choppy and I did not get to know the characters as well as I had wanted, especially since there were quite a few introduced at the beginning. Nevertheless, the plot itself is worth reading and will keep you guessing until the very end!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Silence in the Dark by Patricia Bradley

Silence in the Dark book cover.jpg

Bailey Adams is used to running away from her problems. First, she runs from her engagement to Danny Maxwell. Then, she runs from Logan Point to Mexico to be a missionary. But when danger strikes in Mexico, Bailey finds herself running yet again, this time from a powerful drug cartel through the streets in Mexico, a treacherous group bent on harming her and her young charge, Maria. She is surprised when the last person she expects to see comes to her rescue. Despite the chaotic turmoil around her, Bailey must make a personal decision to face her fears and use her strength in matters of her heart.

Yet again Patricia Bradley writes a novel full of fast-paced action from the very first page. She manages to balance this with the realistic struggles of her interesting characters and weave among the pages excellent spiritual truths. There were moments when the romance and the ending in the story became a bit too corny for my tastes, but overall there are many twists and turns to satisfy any reader. Although it is not necessary to read the other novels in this series to appreciate this one, the appearance of a few old faces makes it beneficial. I recommend this novel to those who enjoy light contemporary suspense.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Gone Without a Trace by Patricia Bradley

Livy Reynolds decides to take some time off of her job as a homicidal detective after a case affects her emotionally. Upon returning home to Logan Point, she meets private investigator Alex Jennings, who is in town researching the disappearance of a senator’s missing granddaughter. Chilled by the similarities to her own cousin’s disappearance two years prior, Livy teams up with Alex to dig deeper into the odd circumstances surrounding these events and discovers danger neither of them suspected.

The action in this novel was fairly fast moving and kept the plot interesting from the beginning. There were enough twists that I could not fully predict the ending, which was a favorable part of this book. However, I found the relationship between the characters to be somewhat stilted, which made certain portions of the plot a little choppy and the romance less genuine than desired. The villain is certainly disturbing, which may bother some young readers. Nevertheless, overall the book is intriguing and suitable for lovers of contemporary suspense.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley

Leigh Somerall is back in her hometown, but only temporarily. After her rural residency program for her medical doctorate is finished, she is ready to move back to the East coast and work at the prestigious Johns Hopkins. But when a situation with her brother Tony throws Leigh into a spiral of dangerous circumstances, she finds herself unsure of her next steps. Acting sheriff Ben Logan, despite his misgivings, has offered to help Leigh’s family, forcing both of them to remember events from the past. And although Leigh attempts to avoid Ben and his desire to help her, she cannot seem to run away from him or the secrets she carries. Both Leigh and Ben must learn who to trust and where to turn before the perilous situations alter their lives forever.

A Promise to Protect is an interesting and complex contemporary suspense novel, its clever storyline full of twists and surprises. Secrets are constantly being revealed that are unexpected, creating a plot that is enjoyable to read. The characters may have flaws from their past, but their believable struggles make the story more realistic and allow the reader to better connect with each of them. The author’s writing style is a perfect balance of intricate sentences and complicated life choices that speak of real situations. The ending is most unexpected and the growth of the characters and their relationships with each other throughout the novel is truly exceptional. There are excellent themes to this novel and the story is exciting, deep, and suspenseful. It is highly recommended!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.