A Rebel Heart by Beth White

A Rebel Heart book cover

Selah Daughtry is struggling to keep her family from dire straits five years after the end of the Civil War.  Her home plantation, once thriving and successful, now lies in ruins and debt. She is nearly ready to give up her homeland when she meets Levi Riggins, who suggests turning her home into a hotel in order to save it.  Selah agrees, only to discover that Levi is harboring a few secrets of his own, secrets that could put her and her family in danger.

This novel is full of interesting history and creative twists and turns.  I read many historical novels that take place during the Civil War but it was unique to read more about the time after the war, when families were struggling to rebuild.  The characters face challenges that change them and form them into more mature individuals.  I liked the interactions between the characters.  I struggled to like Levi as much as I think I was meant to, but I liked Selah and overall enjoyed the romance.  I am looking forward to reading more about the Daughtry family in the rest of the series.  I recommend this historical novel!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White

The Magnolia Duchess book cover.jpg

Fiona is devastated to learn that the British Navy has captured her brother. Seeking solace along the beach, she is surprised to discover a half-drowned British sailor washed ashore on the beach of Navy Cove, even more shocked when she finds out that it is none other than Charlie Kincaid, an old acquaintance from before the War. Charlie has no memory of his past life but thinks he is politically opposed to most of Fiona’s family. Fiona is unsure of Charlie’s situation and suspects that he may be omitting certain truths. As the War begins to cumulate, Fiona and Charlie must determine if they should remain loyal to their country or become loyal to their hearts.

Beth White once again writes a novel with fantastic historical depth. She manages to research lesser known portions of historical events and intertwine these interesting facts among noteworthy characters. The plot moves a little slower but allows the reader to better understand the history of that time period. There are many characters and many points of view, which can get a little confusing at times. Reading the first two books is this series provides more background on the characters but is not completely necessary to appreciate this book. Overall, the story is enjoyable and I recommend this to lovers of historical fiction.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

The Creole Princess by Beth White

Lyse Lanier, largely French in heritage, spends her days supporting her family, trying to keep her father from getting into too much trouble. She enjoys her close friendship with the British general’s daughter, Daisy. One day, she meets the flirtatious, dramatic, and witty Spaniard, Rafael. But as the Americans begin to declare their independence from Britain and tensions among these cultures start to clash, Lyse discovers she may have to choose a side that alienates friends and perhaps even family. The complicated ethnicity of her family only puts her position in even more jeopardy. Spies are everywhere and perhaps even Rafael is not whom he seems to want her to think. Lyse attempts to cling to her fundamental beliefs as America erupts into the Revolutionary War.

Just a glimpse of this novel’s beautiful cover caused me to eagerly pick it up. Yet the beginning pages were slow to start and the plot took several chapters to really pull me in. Once it did, however, I found myself enjoying each of the character’s depth, personality, and quirks. The romance moves at a realistic pace and establishes a love built on more than purely physical attraction. The history in this novel is absolutely superb, the details illustrating the great amount of work that Ms. White put into researching the time period and events in this area of the country during the Revolutionary War. At times, the speed of the novel made it difficult to connect with the characters, but the novel itself is certainly well written. Overall, this novel is enjoyable and worth reading.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

The Pelican Bride by Beth White


French-born Genevieve Gaillain and her sister Aimee board the Pelican as mail order brides in 1704, to escape persecution in France and find new life in the New World.  Both have promised to marry a Canadian, but upon reaching their destination, they find the scrawny, rustic men are much different than their imaginings.  The settlement is primitive, at best, and both struggle to carve out a home in this wilderness.  Genevieve wishes for peace to worship in her own way, but when she falls in love with the mysterious Tristan Lanier, a man who has made enemies of the Crown, peace may be further off than she envisioned.  And the secret she harbors may hurt others as well as destroy the very colony itself.  Tristan works to keep the colony safe from nearby tensions with the British, Spanish, and Native Americans even as he and Genevieve realize the enemy may be within their own walls.

The Pelican Bride reads at a fast pace, the tale bursting with mystery and suspense over the motives and actions of each character.  The intricate plot is full of fascinating historical detail and the setting and time period of the story is interesting, especially since it is a less commonly written era.  There are many character names to process, however, so the reader must pay close attention in order to not be lost along the way.  Overall, the novel contains realistic scenarios that include people struggling to carve out a home and life in the vast New World among the political and religious dangers lurking in the shadows.  Genevieve’s sister is frustrating in her selfishness, but the lessons learned by all create a relatively good ending to the story.  On the whole, the novel is exciting and a worthy read.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.