An Uncommon Courtship by Kristi Ann Hunter


Lord Trent Hawthorne is thrilled to be able to marry for love, like his two sisters and his parents did before him. But when a compromising situation forces him to suddenly marry the quiet and meek Lady Adelaide Bell, he is unsure if love is truly possible for him. Determined to make the best of his circumstances, he decides to do something rather unique and court his own wife. As the pressures of London culture and the expectations of the social elite build and cause a drift in their tremulous relationship, Trent and Adelaide must rely on the things they are learning about each other and the growing feelings of their hearts.

I really enjoyed the characters of Trent and Adelaide. They are both unique and quirky and their insecurities and interactions are endearing. I did think the novel moved a little slow in the middle of the storyline and I did hope for a more engaging plot, but nonetheless, the overall story is enjoyable. It was also fun to catch up with a few characters from the first two novels, although reading the stories in order is not required. I did not think the characters in this particular novel developed quite as well or quite as deeply. However, I did think it was a pleasant novel and a worthy read. I recommend this to lovers of historical fiction!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

To Follow Her Heart by Rebecca DeMarino

To Follow Her Heart book cover

Patience Terry is heartbroken when she hears the Captain Jeremy Horton’s ship is shipwrecked off the coast of Barbados. Despite the news, Patience’s heart does not believe that her beloved has perished. Meanwhile, Jeremy, unaware of the turmoil at home, sails for New Amsterdam in an attempt to claim land for Britain. His involvement in secret political missions, however, may harm his future with his love. As he returns to a surprised but relieved Patience, their lives may be altered forever.

Once again, Rebecca DeMarino pens a novel that is truly historical in nature. She does a wonderful job researching the history of the time period and crafting scenes that reflect her valuable work. Sometimes the details of the lives of the characters in 1664 and the in-depth history of the time period tend to overshadow the development of the individuals and the romance of the story. These details also make it hard to connect with the characters at times. However, the scenery and the time period are both beautifully depicted and makes for a good historical novel.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Anna O’Brien loves her quiet life as a map librarian at the Library of Congress. Her shy spirit enjoys the predictability and relative anonymity of her job and she avoids unnecessary associations with Congressmen or their loud meetings at all costs. This is until she stumbles upon an error in a report of a ship disappeared at sea. If there is anything Anna cannot abide it is errors in historical documents, so her sense of justice overrides her timidity and causes her to seek help for her startling discovery. Luke Callahan is a boisterous and popular Congressman from Maine who does not mind clashing heads with others despite its consequences for his political career. Curious about the strong spirit hidden in the mysterious map librarian, he agrees to assist Anna in her quest. But both meet great resistance during their search for the truth, which only serves to cast further mystery on what really happened to the ship. Determined to find the truth, this unlikely pair soon find themselves involved in a deeper conspiracy than either realized existed.

Another enjoyable read from a beloved author, Beyond All Dreams is complex, interesting, and engaging. Anna and Luke are both realistically flawed characters, but their troubled pasts bind them in unique ways, allowing each to learn and grow from each other. Anna is a truly endearing heroine, her ability to forgive and overcome great obstacles making her instantly likable. The historical information in this novel is wonderfully interwoven, providing a very interesting backdrop about a perhaps lesser-known period of American history. The descriptions and events allow the story to come alive and the creativity of the multifaceted plot engages the reader throughout the entire book. The romance is accurately complex and although a few parts of Luke’s character are frustrating, the overall theme and conclusion are certainly remarkable. Another recommended historical novel from a great author!