Besotted by Jody Hedlund

Queen Aurora of Mercia is hiding as a peasant in the secluded Inglewood Forest from the evil Queen Margery, who is determined to harm her.  There she meets a mysterious woodcutter, who is also concealing his identity as Prince Kresten of Scania.  As Queen Margery closes in, intent on killing Queen Aurora, Prince Kresten desperately tries to save Aurora before it is too late.

What an exciting end to a fantastic series!  I have enjoyed every one of these stories, rich with enchanting settings, captivating characters, and clean romance.  This novel also incorporated sweet moments of faithfulness and hope woven among the suspense of the evil Queen determined to harm Princess Aurora.  The characters once again were easy to love and it did not take long for me to develop a fierce loyalty to the sweet Aurora and the arrogant but tender Kresten.  This story is based on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale but with a surprising twist!  I greatly enjoyed the novel and have truly loved every one of these stories.  I am sorry to see the series end!  This book is highly recommended not only to young adults, but also to readers of all ages!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.  Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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