Beguiled by Jody Hedlund

Princess Pearl is forced to flee after her mother attempts to kill her during a hunting expedition. She wears a veil to conceal herself among the Outcasts, hiding and biding her time until she can return home to rescue her sister Ruby.  However, she is coerced to wed the also disguised Prince Mikkel of Scania. Hoping that her marriage to Mikkel will protect her and Ruby, she does not expect that this will only cause her mother to be more determined to kill her than ever.

Based on the Snow White fairytale, this second book in the Fairest Maidens Series is a great read! The characters are rich and deep, their personalities a joy to read as they grow and develop in the story.  The romance is steamy but clean and suitable for younger readers.  There is also intrigue and secrets that are surprising and unpredictable.  I loved the setting and medieval time period of the story as well!  I also really appreciated the theme of focusing on inner beauty instead of external looks, a great lesson for young adults reading this story.  I also love the loose ties to The Lost Princesses Series. This series continues to get better and better!  I highly recommend this novel!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.  Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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