Always by Jody Hedlund

Always by Jody Hedlund book cover

On her deathbed, the Queen of Mercia charges her lady-in-waiting Lady Felicia to save her infant daughters from the invasion of King Ethelwulf.  Lady Felicia flees the horrors of the invasion to protect the princesses, only to run into Lance, an elite guard, as she bolts.  She learns that the King of Mercia also charged Lance with caring for the princesses and reluctantly allows him to help her escape.  With wolves and specially trained soldiers in pursuit, Felician and Lance do everything in their power to save the princesses before it is too late.

This novella was a perfect beginning to a great new series by Jody Hedlund!  The story is set in a historical fairytale like setting with kings and queens amidst picturesque kingdoms being fought over by the tyrannical King Ethelwulf.  This novella does not read like a novella in the sense that the characters have sufficient time to develop, the plot has depth and great descriptions, and the reader has time to truly get to know the story.  I loved the strength and bravery of the characters and enjoyed watching the romance develop.  The plot has some suspense as the danger lurks along every corner in wait.  This book may be marketed to Young Adults, but I must say that readers of all ages will love this novel!  I most highly recommend this book and am eagerly awaiting the rest of the series to see what happens next!

I received a copy of this book from author in exchange for an honest review.

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