The String by Caleb Breakey

The String book cover

The “Conductor,” as he calls himself, is selecting individuals around Trenton University to be pawns in his game.  He gives threats and rewards but promises to destroy everyone if they refuse to participate. He calls the game “The String” as each piece is connected somehow to each other piece.  No one quite understands the end game, but as Markus Haas, the university cop, realizes that the Conductor is creating chaos and death, he stops at nothing to destroy The String before all the pieces collide and collapse.

This novel is certainly an exciting thriller!  There is suspense from the prologue until the very last page—and probably into the next book as there are a few loose ends that will likely be answered in future novels. The villain in this book is a true psychopath and his actions made me cringe more than once.  I definitely only recommend this book to mature audiences because it contains quite a bit of violence and details of the horror inflicted by the villain on his victims.  I felt like the suspense was a little chaotic, creating at times a disjointed plot, but it’s true that I did not guess the villain until it was revealed. I wished for a bit stronger of a Christian message to outweigh the evil in the book.  I appreciated that the characters in the book were fierce and intelligent, however, willing to act and fight back rather than passively wait for the end.  This book definitely kept me up late several nights.  I would classify this as more “thriller” than true suspense given its darker elements, but if that’s your style, it is definitely well written and worth a read!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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