All This Time by Melissa Tagg

All This Time book cover

Bear McKinley sacrificed everything for his family ten years ago before leaving for Brazil to perform noble work. But when he finds himself back home again in Maple Valley, he is once again charged with caring for his family, this time for his missing brother’s children. He reconnects with Raegan, his childhood friend. Raegan had been fine with her part-time jobs and home life until Bear comes back to town and disrupts her life while also instilling her love of art once more. But as Bear finally begins to settle in at Maple Valley, his brother’s mystery begins to cause danger and strife once again. Raegan and Bear must work together to save their family and their town.

I have loved all of Melissa Tagg’s books and especially this series set in Maple Valley. The town has worked its way into my heart and makes me feel as if I can picture its storefronts and its residents with its descriptive scenes. This story has its own unique plot that has realistic, applicable spiritual truths. The author captivates me with memorable characters, full of wit and humor but also broken and in the process of healing, with deep spiritual struggles and growth. I really liked Bear and Raegan individually, but together they are wonderful! These are not merely good books, but remarkable novels that stick with you for some time. I am happy to put this book on the shelf to read over and over again and recommend it highly to all readers!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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