One Enchanted Eve by Melissa Tagg


Rylan Jefferson is frustrated with her wayward student Colin Renwycke. When he is not destroying something in her kitchen, he’s messing up her impeccable recipes. On the brink of being kicked out of culinary school, Colin invites Rylan home to Iowa for the holidays on a whim, hoping he can help her find a perfect recipe to impress a chef for a new job. Rylan is not exactly sure why she agrees to spend several weeks with this aggravating man, but as she travels with him to idyllic Maple Valley, she soon realizes that there may be more to Colin than meets the eye.

I must say I am amazed that Melissa Tagg can write a novella that reads exactly like a full-length novel. There is no corny romance that makes you want to roll your eyes or plot points that feel entirely too rushed due to a quicker timeline. Instead, the characters possess quite a bit of depth for a shorter story and I found myself connecting with them almost immediately. Although this is the second novella is a series, you do not need to read the other first to understand the book. This novella has it all—a pinch of warm holiday spirit, a dollop of romance, a dash of deeper Christian themes, and a smidgen of amusing cooking scenes—and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! So grab some hot chocolate, turn on the twinkle lights, and enjoy this delightful read this Christmas!

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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