Wild Montana Skies by Susan May Warren


Kacey Fairing returns home to Mercy Falls, Montana, in order to spend time with her daughter and leave behind her past tours and their nightmares in Afghanistan. She did not expect to run into her old high school sweetheart, Ben King, and is not fond of the fact that she has to work with Ben during the Search and Rescue operations in her hometown. Ben moved to Nashville years ago to pursue his successful career in singing and songwriting. He is not excited about managing PEAK rescue but decides to stay until his father’s health improves. When flash floods put the community in a state of emergency, Ben and Kacey have to work together despite old hurts in order to help their friends and their family.

This book is a wonderful start to a new series. I really liked the depth and development of Kacey and Ben throughout the novel and the spiritual struggles which with they both wrestled. I like heroines that are strong and independent but are also willing to admit when they need help and Kacey fit that description so well. The romance in the story was well developed, especially considering the pasts of the characters. I did think that parts of the plot are predictable, and near the end, I felt like the same argument was being hashed over and over, but the ending is truly sweet and wraps up their story well. I am excited to learn more about some of the secondary characters in the second novel. I recommend this new series!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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