The Raven by Mike Nappa


The Raven is a magician, or street performer, as he prefers, that suddenly finds himself in a lot of trouble after he pickpockets the wrong man, a powerful politician, and attempts to blackmail him with evidence found in his wallet. In over his head, he turns to Trudi Coffey to help him out of the mess. When Trudi realizes The Raven has stumbled upon something bigger than a stolen wallet, she involves her ex-husband, Samuel Hill, and they uncover a deadly plot. They must race against time to interpret the clues before it is too late.

I really loved the first novel in this series, Annabel Lee, and was looking forward to this second installment. Although I thought the action was a little slower in the beginning than the first book, this novel was nonetheless well written and exciting. It was great to catch up with Trudi and Samuel and I am eager to see how their relationship further develops in the third book. I liked the intricacies of the plot and appreciated how each character had their role in this novel. The author does a great job at taking these seemingly scattered details and tying them together in a satisfying conclusion. The book is easy to follow since the days and times are clearly marked and each chapter announces the character’s perspective at the beginning of it. I recommend this novel, and truly the whole series, to anyone who loves suspenseful fiction!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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