The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen

The Painter’s Daughter book cover

Sophie Dupont adores the northern Devon coast, contentedly painting the picturesque landscape in addition to assisting her father in his studio. When a handsome and suave boarder sweeps in one summer, Sophie finds herself caught in his romantic promises. But as quickly as he swoops in, Wesley Overtree is gone again, leaving her in a new predicament. Captain Stephen Overtree arrives in town soon after, searching for his brother. Instead he meets young Sophie, and feels duty bound to extend Sophie an offer she cannot refuse. With an uncertain future, he does not suspect he will be long for the world and simply hopes to provide a comfortable future for the shy girl. Sophie must then choose between her head and her heart, between the practical, brooding Captain and the reckless, handsome Wesley, before it is too late.

Julie Klassen never disappoints! This novel is full of beautiful landscapes descriptively painted, deep characters poignantly told, and interesting plot twists masterfully woven. I fell in love with Sophie and with Stephen, each of their personalities so rich. Their pasts may not perfect, but they possess great honor and strength that allows them to recognize their mistakes and overcome them; indeed, I enjoyed reading about the characters and their significant depth the most. In addition, this story has exceptional Biblical principles so wonderfully intertwined that it is never cheesy or preachy in nature. There is even a bit of suspense and mystery that makes the plot very interesting and keeps the reader’s attention during the entire novel. I am thrilled to keep this exceptional story on my shelf to read again and again. I really enjoyed this book and most highly recommend it to all lovers of historical fiction!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.