Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson

Every Girl Gets Confused book cover

Katie Fisher is feeling happier than she has in a long time. She is dating a wonderful pro-ex-basketball player, Brady James, and is working a dream job at the bridal shop where she won her bridal gown not long ago. However, when she receives a phone call from her ex-boyfriend Casey, who is back in her hometown, she finds herself questioning her recent decisions to move to a big city and date a new man. To make matters complicated, her very opinioned but well-meaning family is eager to direct her life. With her family telling her one thing and her heart another, Katie must make an important decision that will forever change her future.

Similar to the first book in this series, this novel contains some spunky characters that are entertaining and a plot that is interesting, albeit somewhat cheesy. Reading the first book in the series is not required but is recommended in order to gain a better background on the characters. The focus of the novel is definitely the romance, but unfortunately this romance is not always with the two main characters; in fact, they disappointingly get less page time than some of the other minor characters. I honestly felt their development to be somewhat stagnant and their conflict not nearly as central as the title made it sound, but perhaps more of their story will be saved for the third installment in the series. This novel is recommended for those who prefer a heavy dose of romance in their fiction.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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