The Innocent by Ann H. Gabhart

Carlyn Karney still hopes that her husband, declared missing by the Union Army, will return home. However, the landlord for their farm is not nearly as patient and uses the local sheriff to force Caryln to move on. Desperate, she turns to the mysterious Shaker village for assistance, an act that requires her to leave behind any thoughts of her husband, home, or former life. But strange events begin to happen while she is adjusting to her new life, causing many of the Shakers to become suspicious of Caryln. Caryln finds herself trusting an unlikely friend to help her unravel the odd circumstances, but she must be careful before she gets hurt.

Being not at all familiar with the Shaker lifestyle, I was surprised to discover how legalistic and strict the followers were in this religion. This created an interesting and unique backdrop to a rather unexpectedly mysterious plot that really began to take shape a few chapters into the novel. The beginning pages were good for setting the background of the reminder of the story, but were not certainly gripping by any means. However, once strange things began to happen, the storyline picked up its pace and became much more interesting. Something about the Shaker village still left me unsettled by the end of the book, despite a good conclusion. Overall, the novel is unique and not quite what I expected, but worth reading nonetheless.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.



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