No Place to Hide by Lynette Eason

Jackie Sellers does not believe her childhood friend is a terrorist. So when she sees Ian’s face splashed on the news, she immediately goes to him for answers. But this decision only drags her into a mess of determined terrorists, resolute FBI agents, and concerned family and friends. Ian Lockwood simply wants to clear his name, but he knows the authorities will not believe his story. Accepting Jackie’s help may be his only option, even if it means putting both of them in grave danger and on the run for their lives.

This novel has non-stop action from page one. However, it certainly requires every once of your attention since there are about ten different points of view in the first few chapters, each one introducing a different set of characters and a new scenario. It can be a tad frustrating until the plots begin to interconnect in a creative way further into the book. The story is definitely multifaceted and interesting, but the romance and spiritual messages intertwined throughout the story feel forced and almost like they were a second thought tacked onto the more exciting aspects of the story. The constant action perhaps took away from the development of the characters on a deeper level. Overall, however, the twists and turns created a thrilling novel that is recommended to those who enjoy non-stop action from start to finish.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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