Emissary by Thomas Locke

Left an orphan without much of a home or sense of belonging, Hyam responds to his mother’s dying wish by traveling to the detested Long Hall, a place of wizardry and magic that he has sworn to never return. Bitter memories of hours spent learning forbidden languages follow him during his journey, where he learns something unexpected about his past. Armed with new knowledge, Hyam searches for truth amid rumors of war. Deep secrets and uncertainty in the realm only add to the danger as Hyam carefully chooses a few to trust, determined to do right despite his heritage and his ambiguous future.

What an interesting read! Emissary is bursting with creativity, a story woven with such unique characters, settings, and storyline that it crafts a truly remarkable plot full of interest and singularity. The book moves along at a steady and pleasant pace, the moments of real danger and suspense throughout adding to the enchanting ebb and flow of the narrative and immersing the reader in a fascinating world. It is such a delight to read about interesting species, each with distinctive personalities, and painted so well by the author that the reader has no trouble imagining the colorful and creative scenes. Hyam is a very likable individual, his desire to do right despite his own uncertainty making him an endearing hero. Delighted that this is not the only book in the series, Emissary is most highly recommended and its following books eagerly anticipated.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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