The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson

Garrison Brown returns to Vancouver after nearly a decade serving as a missionary in Uganda, unsure how to fulfill his dream of starting a halfway house for young boys with no money and no job. As he attempts to fit into American culture again, he receives word that his grandmother has passed away. In her final will, she desires for Garrison to find perfect homes for her six beloved cats, giving him very specific instructions to ensure the cats each are placed in the ideal environment. At first Garrison finds the rules frustrating, but her instructions give him time to stay at his childhood home and reconnect with the friendly neighbors who knew his grandmother. As each cat touches a family in a unique way, Garrison, despite his severe cat allergies, finds himself drawn to one furry creature. Now he must decide if perhaps his future dreams are changing this Christmas season.

Short and simple, The Christmas Cat is a quick read and the narrative moves along at a pleasant pace. The instructions from Garrison’s grandmother are a tad too quirky, creating a story that is a bit odd to read. Indeed, some of the requirements are completely bizarre and unrealistic, making the book rather ridiculous at times. Many of the characters have enjoyable personalities, but Cara’s disrespect is unnerving and creates too much tension for a believable romantic relationship. However, the overall story is sweet in its own way, and lovers of animals are sure to appreciate the personalities of the cats. The book is not hard to get through but its lack of sustenance makes it one that will be easily forgotten after it is read. Perhaps suited for those who want a simple afternoon read that will put them in the Christmas spirit.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.


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