Keepers of the Covenant by Lynn Austin

During a life-changing time in Jewish history, Ezra, an intelligent and shy scholar, is suddenly thrust into the role of leader of the Jewish exiles in Babylon. Unsure how to lead an army when his training is in reading scrolls, Ezra depends on God’s faithfulness to help his nation fight for their very lives. This struggle takes precedence over Ezra’s desire for family and love and his visions for his future. Meanwhile, other Jews and Gentiles similarly find their lives thrown into a world of hatred and revenge. Each character must learn to seek God’s will as they strive to survive in unusual circumstances that test their maturity and faith.

Once again, Lynn Austin uses the Old Testament to expertly weave together a story full of deep relationships, each character under Ms. Austin’s pen being brought to life in a new way.   She accurately and skillfully uses true facts from the Bible and adds her own creative depth to allow the reader to better understand the thoughts, feelings, and actions of individual characters. It is interesting to read the story of Esther from a different perspective and to see how God carried His people through a seemingly impossible situation. The story flows well as the author weaves together complex sentences telling of the difficulties the Jews faced during this time of the Old Testament. There are realistic struggles and moments of difficult growth for the characters, but the supremacy of God reigns true throughout the novel. Ms. Austin is truly extraordinary at penning emotionally gripping Biblical accounts and this newest series is no exception. A most highly recommended book!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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