A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradley

Leigh Somerall is back in her hometown, but only temporarily. After her rural residency program for her medical doctorate is finished, she is ready to move back to the East coast and work at the prestigious Johns Hopkins. But when a situation with her brother Tony throws Leigh into a spiral of dangerous circumstances, she finds herself unsure of her next steps. Acting sheriff Ben Logan, despite his misgivings, has offered to help Leigh’s family, forcing both of them to remember events from the past. And although Leigh attempts to avoid Ben and his desire to help her, she cannot seem to run away from him or the secrets she carries. Both Leigh and Ben must learn who to trust and where to turn before the perilous situations alter their lives forever.

A Promise to Protect is an interesting and complex contemporary suspense novel, its clever storyline full of twists and surprises. Secrets are constantly being revealed that are unexpected, creating a plot that is enjoyable to read. The characters may have flaws from their past, but their believable struggles make the story more realistic and allow the reader to better connect with each of them. The author’s writing style is a perfect balance of intricate sentences and complicated life choices that speak of real situations. The ending is most unexpected and the growth of the characters and their relationships with each other throughout the novel is truly exceptional. There are excellent themes to this novel and the story is exciting, deep, and suspenseful. It is highly recommended!

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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