A Match of Wits by Jen Turano

Agatha Watson is traveling throughout the Western United States in search of a good story for the New York Tribune when she runs into her old friend Zayne Beckett. Agatha is determined to take the bedraggled Zayne in hand and send him back East to his family, despite his grumpy protests. However, as Zayne and Agatha slip back into their banter from their close friendship, Zayne finds himself less upset with Agatha and more willing to help her uncover a mysterious story for the Tribune. Agatha’s spitfire methods of obtaining stories have made her a few enemies, however, and Zayne soon discovers he may have his hands full while chasing after Agatha. Agatha, meanwhile, rebuffs his attempts to help her and strives to prove that she is an independent woman, leading to a battle of wills between these two old friends.

A Match of Wits is a delight to read, the author’s ability to move the plot along while still focusing on the most amusing relationship between Agatha and Zayne a true and admirable skill. The actions and thoughts of Agatha allow readers to laugh out loud many times and the sweet nature of her personality is endearing. Zayne is also humorous in his desire to be the knight in shining armor, despite his failed attempt at rescuing Agatha over and over. The storyline is interesting with several twists near the end that do not make the plot predictable. It is true that Zayne’s eight year old niece has perhaps a bit too much insight for her age, but the family relationships are fun and entertaining. This book may stand alone, but readers of other Jen Turano’s books may discover some similar characters. This novel is fun, exciting, hilarious, and most highly recommended!

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