With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

Kate Livingston is fiercely competitive and gifted and feels her intelligence is being wasted in her monotonous governmental position. So when an offer to work alongside a physician by recording statistical data lands in her lap, she gladly accepts. What she does not expect, however, is that her job requires her to work so closely with her childhood nemesis Trevor McDonough, the one boy in class who could truly challenge her intellect. As they both strive to find a cure for tuberculosis, Kate looks beyond her juvenile grudge and discovers a greater depth to Trevor. Trevor, meanwhile, alienates people in his attempt to find this cure while keeping certain aspects of his past secret. Trevor and Kate realize they must become unlikely allies in this fight not only against a deadly disease in the nation’s capital, but also against some who seek to destroy their careers and families.

With Every Breath is bursting with phenomenal historical detail that pulls the reader into the time period and setting. The story is very creative and not a typical romance novel. The characters have secretive conflicts and fantastic depth that keep the reader interested in the developing plot. The language of the book is rich and the writing style is excellent. Trevor’s passion and conviction is commendable, despite his inability to compromise. Kate’s insecurities are believable and understandable, allowing her to grow and change throughout the novel. There is an element of suspense, providing the reader with a surprising and unpredictable ending. The author’s ability to communicate the realistic struggles of doctors to find cures for complex diseases is truly admirable and appreciated. A most highly recommended novel!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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