A Place in His Heart by Rebecca DeMarino

Mary Langton is young and dreams of marrying for love, not convenience as her father wishes.  So when handsome widower Barnabas Horton offers for her hand, she jumps at the chance to avoid marrying the dull man her father has chosen.  However, since Barnabas still deeply mourns his first wife, she finds married life less fulfilling than she expected.  And when Barnabas decides to move his family to the New World in hopes of avoiding religious persecution in England, Mary is devastated to leave her dear father and sister.  The journey to America is arduous and long, the settlement in the Colonies primitive and rustic.  Mary strives to create a home for her and Barnabas and his two sons while desperately dreaming of one day having her own child, born out of a love between her and Barnabas.  Mary wonders if she will ever reach the most secret places in Barnabas’s heart.  Both Barnabas and Mary must learn to wait on God’s timing as they struggle with their new life.

A Place in His Heart is written much like a history book, the tale factual and spanning a decade.  Several years may pass between chapters, creating a disconnecting storyline.  It is interesting to note that the story of Mary and Barnabas is based on the true history of the author’s ancestors.  Although it is fascinating to read how the main characters grow, mature, and create life among the primitive wilds of America, the characters are a little hard to connect with simply due to the fast paced storyline and the plain and practical way the story is written.  During the entire novel, Mary seeks the love of her husband but he is too consumed with feelings for his old wife to pay much attention, creating a character that is often miserable.  However, Mary does seek contentment in other things and manages to bond with one of her two stepsons.  The plot often slows as the story details daily activities or Mary’s continual desire for love and her own child.  Overall, however, the personal connection to the author allows the reader to appreciate the story a little more and the resolutions of many conflicts at the end of the novel produce a fulfilling conclusion.  The novel is recommended to those who seek a historical account of life in the New World and one family’s struggle to love one another in a fuller way.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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