A Woman of Fortune by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Claire Massey’s Texan life seems perfect—she has wealth beyond imagination, a hard-working and attentive husband, and three grown ambitious children.  But when her husband is suddenly convicted of white collar crime, Claire finds her neat world turned upside down.  Feeling betrayed by her husband’s deceit and abandoned by her hurt children, Claire wonders how she will ever piece her life back together again.  Media frenzy and public hatred only add to her shame, despite the fact that she did nothing to fraud them and her house and all her belongings are sold out from under her.  Claire struggles to manage life on her own after nearly thirty years of marriage and bring the remaining members of her family close again.  She learns powerful lessons of forgiveness as she discovers where her true fortune lies.

A Woman of Fortune is a unique perspective of what happens to the other members of a family who played no role in a man’s white collar crime.  Claire is a strong, courageous woman despite her circumstances.  The plot is emotionally charged and draws in the reader, crafting a story that is tragic but redemptive.  Ms. Gilbert does a fantastic job communicating the far-reaching consequences of deceit and sin and illustrating the emptiness that wealth and status place on society.  The story has wonderful themes of forgiveness and trusting God through devastating circumstances.  Despite some of their foolish choices, the characters are endearing and the reader feels drawn to their strength and determination, especially that of Claire.  The plot moved a little slowly at times as Claire dealt with similar issues many times.  Overall, however, this book has enough depth and realism to make it worth reading.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

And be sure to check out this author’s book video!

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