Fatal Exchange by Lisa Harris

In a sudden turn of events, Emily Hunt’s relatively quiet life as a schoolteacher is turned upside down.  Although she comes from a family of cops, she deliberately avoids anything that has to do with drug cartels, murder, or danger.  When those very things are brought to her classroom one morning, she needs to draw on all her inner courage and learn to depend on none other than Mason Taylor, the man accused of being involved in her brother’s murder.   Mason knows Emily is struggling to trust him, but he also recognizes that she cares for her students.  When one of the students becomes involved with a drug cartel, Mason turns to Emily for help.  Neither of them suspect what will happen next nor how dangerous their involvement will suddenly become.  They must rely on each other to solve the mystery of events before it is too late.

Fatal Exchange is a fast-paced, exciting novel.  Almost the entire story takes place during one action-packed day and just when one danger begins to fade, another one is ready to cause more turmoil.  Ms. Harris’s characters are relatively complex and the hint of romance introduced provides a nice balance to the evils lurking among the pages.  Some of the ending plot points felt rushed and disjointed, which detracted from the earlier flow of the novel.  Although this story could stand alone, reading the entire series gives a better understanding of each of the characters.  A short introduction to one particular individual at the end suggests that the next novel will also be worth reading.  Overall, the book is a thrilling, romantic novel recommend for lovers of contemporary suspense.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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