Love Comes Calling by Siri Mitchell

Endearing and humorous Ellis Eton tries, she really does.  She intends to do better in her college classes, to not disappoint her parents’ expectations, to accomplish just one task with skillful ease.  But sometimes it is hard to concentrate and sometimes she just cannot keep her promises, because other things demand her attention.  And to make matters worse, the star football player at Harvard and her neighbor, Griff, has his sights set on her and Ellis knows she is just not the girl for him.  Perhaps things would be better if she moved to Hollywood and did the one thing she knows she is good at – acting.  So when a look-alike friend asks this Boston socialite to fill in for her at her job, Ellis agrees, thinking this would be a perfect chance to practice her acting skills and earn a little cash to make the trip west.  However, she does not expect it to be so hard, with all the cords and levers and buttons.  Her first day is confusing and she accidently overhears a private conversation that threatens none other than Griff Philips.  When handsome and conflicted policeman Jack Flanigan asks her what she knows, Ellis’s suspicions are confirmed.  As she stumbles to stop this evil plot before it is too late, she learns to find her place amidst the hustle and bustle of the Roaring Twenties and discovers what her heart truly desires.

Love Comes Calling is another gem by Siri Mitchell!  Ellis is a most endearing character, her sweet heart in the right place even if her actions are sometimes muddled and cause more problems than anything else.  The author’s note mentions that Ellis struggles with ADHD, which explains her scatter-brained mind perfectly.  This character trait only serves to make the novel amusing and enjoyable, however.  Ms. Mitchell does a most fantastic job of not only researching accurate historical details of Boston in the 1920’s, but of also skillfully capturing the mindset of a generation liberated by world-wide changes after WWI.  The story is riveting and fast-paced, even allowing this reader to finish the entire novel in one sitting!  The flaws of the characters are realistic, but Ellis and Griff are adorable in their desire to make the world a better place.  With such real life struggles and issues that are applicable today, this story is immensely enjoyable.  Another highly recommended novel from Siri Mitchell!

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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