What Follows After by Dan Walsh

One fall day in the early 1960’s, young Colt and Timmy Harrison devise a plan to run away from their separated parents to their favorite aunt and uncle’s house.  They hope their drastic act can restore their parents’ relationship and create a happy family once again.  But when Timmy is abducted from a diner a few hours into their journey, Colt suddenly discovers that doing things on his own was not wise.  His parents, Scott and Gina, must work together to find their lost son, and in the process, learn to forgive each other and repair their relationship.  What Follows After is an easy read and moves at a fast pace, allowing the reader to flip the pages quickly to discover if little Timmy will be safely found.  However, the tone of the novel is almost condescending, introducing cliché comments as means to preach ideals necessary to maintain a perfect marriage.  In addition, the topic of a scared little boy locked in a dark place is difficult to read, especially since this situation endures almost the entire novel.  It is a relief to finally read a happy ending of a restored family who learned to value each other despite difficult circumstances.  However, this novel leaves the reader dissatisfied and is only average at best.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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