Two Testaments by Elizabeth Musser

The intriguing and intertwining story of the unique characters introduced in Two Crosses by Elizabeth Musser continues in the second historical novel, Two Testaments.  The growing tension in Algeria immediately before the end of the Algerian War for Independence leads to danger for the charming American and his new French and Algerian friends.  They struggle to assist refugees from the wrath of a crazed man desperate for revenge and slip them from a country torn apart from war to a county where they may be safe but not welcomed.  The red-haired love he left in France battles jealousy and worry as she helps the orphans and aids the aging nun in protecting those running from the horror of war.  A frightened boy subjected to the life of an assassin at a tender age finds an unlikely friend in a brave, little girl.  And two young mothers struggle to survive as they desperately wait for news of their loves fighting in another place.  Each of these characters must learn to trust God and wait for His perfect timing in order to find the peace they so greatly desire.  Their stories interweave in a creative tapestry crafted by a talented author.  This historical novel proves that although hardships in life can cause one to question God’s presence and power, He never fails to protect His people.  The story continues in Two Destinies.


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