Two Crosses by Elizabeth Musser

Two Crosses by Elizabeth Musser is a historical novel set during the height of the Algerian War and includes vivid historical information, deep character development, and suspenseful plot structure in every page.  Ms. Musser’s understanding of each side of the conflict and ability to communicate the emotions felt in each of her characters allows the reader to be transported into a world of hurtful pasts and forgiven futures.  She intertwines French words and remarkable geographical detail that sets the stage for a Protestant student, an Atheist professor, a Catholic nun, a desperate woman, and an innocent child to interact in an extraordinary story.  Each of these characters must learn to grapple with a painful past in order to let God direct their futures as they struggle to fight against the violence and terror characteristic of Southern France and Algeria during the early 1960s.  The symbol of the Huguenot cross draws the characters into a secretive and dangerous world of deception, rebellion, and suspense in the Algerian War with France.  The faith of all involved is tested and transformed, resulting in a gripping tale that beautifully demonstrates God’s redemption and forgiveness.  The suspenseful plot leaves the reader desiring to know more, allowing the story to deepen and expand in Two Testaments.


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